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We are Dedicated Artists

We are fortunate to experience this level of success in our industry –  a testament to our dedicated staff and pursuit of perfection. We are organized, have a design, construction and on-site service team with a combined 75 years of industry experience, utilize technology efficiently, have far-reaching connections in the industry, have a great warranty and above all, possess the kind of attention to detail that our clients expect. Marvel Cabinetry is technologically equipped and ready to tackle even the most intricate design challenges – every Marvel cabinet that leaves our shop is designed with intent and built to beautifully carry out a function within your space. Projects are carefully managed – from design to completion to ensure customer satisfaction each step of the way.


Design Innovation

Marvel Cabinetry utilizes the latest CNC nest-based technology in our manufacturing process. This full automation manufacturing process allows us to deliver exactly what you see in your design, directly to our machine. This allows us to eliminate the “human error” component of the manufacturing process and deliver a product aligned with your high standards – consistently and precisely. It also allows us to produce and customize all cabinetry with you directly, one cabinet at a time without the limitations that standard box production companies offer – your standards become our standard as we effectively raise the benchmark within our industry.

With the ability to replicate any spec on the market and access to all common and specialized materials, we have no problem building to your tastes. From custom cabinetry materials, finishes, drawer boxes, and hardware, we can confidently provide what you’re looking for.

Craftsmanship is the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry. Every Marvel cabinet that leaves our shop is designed with intent and built to beautifully carry out a function within your space.


Benefits of Marvel

Marvel Cabinetry is designed, developed and delivered with the utmost care, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our guarantee to clients of Marvel is exemplified by our one year warranty, the kind of support our clients deserve. We stand by our product and our promise.

We stay connected. From design and production to install and service – representatives of Marvel Cabinetry are always available to answer questions and provide insight to our clients. You’ll find that all faces of Marvel Cabinetry are knowledgeable, courteous and well supported by the entire team.

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