For many people, the closest they’ll get to celebrity home styles is flipping through design magazines or watching HGTV. Until now. Now they too can go to local company Marvel Cabinetry and Renovations, which has created incredible spaces in Calgary and also cabinetry for some of Hollywood’s elite. Nestled on a small acreage, just five minutes south of Calgary, Marvel continues to work closely with Jonathan and Drew Scott, as well as lead designer Victoria Tonelli to bring some of the most cutting-edge designs to life for clients throughout North America.

Their spectacular cabinetry has appeared on Scott Brothers home makeover shows with a star-studded line-up featuring Brad Pitt, Kevin Hart, Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Micheal Buble, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Renner and Snoop Dogg on the HGTV show Celebrity IOU. The company’s high-quality cabinetry was incorporated into the design on several episodes of Brother vs. Brother and the Property Brothers renovation programs as well.

“We initially did a couple of projects with the Property Brothers team in Calgary, which turned into a few more projects,” says Jesse Boyetchko. “The quality stood above anything the brothers had seen and execution level is what opened the door to the opportunity to work with these high-profile clients.”

Property Brother Jonathan Scott was so impressed with the craftsmanship of Marvel that he had them provide the majority of the built-in millwork and kitchen cabinetry throughout his personal home and guest house with partner Zooey Deschanel. Over the years, Marvel has enjoyed working with clients throughout North America, but the soul of the company is tethered to his shop just south of Calgary.

“These HGTV projects show that we have a high enough level to be recognized internationally, but the heartbeat of our company is our core team who shows up to win every day. Our immediate and surrounding community has been amazing over the last 10 years and the support we’ve gotten locally has enabled our company to flourish,” Boyetchko says.

The Journey

It wasn’t that long ago that he set up shop in his three-car garage on his acreage and was the sole Marvel Cabinetry employee trying to build his dream company. The well-rounded tradesman had honed his skills and learned the ins and outs of the industry over 23 years but returned to his love of cabinetry in 2012 with Marvel. Boyetchko’s reputation for quality grew as did the company and in 2014 he left the garage and built the first shop and showroom on the acreage. Five years later he expanded again to give Marvel nearly 10,000 square feet of space including an underground paint facility.

Throughout Boyetchko’s career, he immersed himself in both the commercial and residential home building industries and expanded his scope to flipping homes with a heart for renovations. Marvel solidified this vision by adding renovation services to its arsenal in 2016, and the company’s quality and approach has earned respect from industry peers. “Our team prides itself on a mature process to ensure a clean project on time and on budget without sacrificing quality,” he says.

Over the past 10 years, Boyetchko has carefully assembled a team of talented and dedicated staff that have helped Marvel evolve into a sophisticated operation. They offer customized 3D digital designs that represent their client’s vision, focusing on everything from cabinetry and millwork for a whole-home renovation to the smallest hardware details. To deliver designs on a deadline, Marvel relies on its exceptional vendor partners who worked to keep the supply chain moving to ensure clients were taken care of through COVID especially and now beyond.

Service is key, and the team strives to create their clients’ dream space, whether they are serving private clients or working on one of the many high- level projects. But not everyone can have cabinets custom built by Marvel due to manufacturing constraints. In response to this, the company became the exclusive Calgary distributor for AyA Kitchens and Baths, offering a line of volume-built products that helps broaden the company’s client base.

“Now between the Marvel-built line of cabinetry we create here and AyA backing our manufacturing, we can cover more of the market, which is another step to scaling and growing the business,” he says. Jesse Boyetchko predicts that Marvel’s growth will necessitate a new shop, likely off-site, to accommodate the huge demand. Outgrowing a space is a good problem to have, and he and the Marvel Cabinetry and Renovations team are excited to see just how far this amazing company will take them.