From De Winton, AB, Marvel Cabinetry is the exclusive cabinetry supplier for the first and second seasons of Property Brothers’ Celebrity IOU on HGTV and has designed and built made-in-Canada cabinetry for stars across North America. Among them were Michael Bublé, Brad Pitt, Snoop Dogg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Jeremy Renner, Kevin Hart, Howie Mandel, and LeAnn Rimes, and Marvel invites you to be next.

Marvel is passionate about designing beautiful, functional spaces, offering cabinet styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. They are renowned for their team, which will help customize cabinetry to your taste, needs, and lifestyle. Their dedicated in-house design team is ready to bring value to their customers’ next major home decision. From 3D design, space planning, and truly limitless functionality – if you can dream it, Marvel can build it. Utilizing the latest CNC technology in their local manufacturing facility, their dedicated team of Master Cabinetmakers ensures you’ll get one of the most well-made, durable, and safest products on the market. Above, the showroom hosts plenty of inspiration for every customer – from varying door styles and finishes to hardware and accessories.
With Marvel having cabinet manufacturing in-house, we have more control over the quality of the cabinetry and the timeline of each project. Also, when you’re paying for a piece of equipment, and it’s a key part of your business, having a machine down for a significant amount of time can adversely affect the operations in a big way. We needed a company like Akhurst that would be responsive to the level of service required to get us up and running quickly.
- Jesse Boyetchko - Founder


In 2020, Marvel decided to open their own cabinet manufacturing company. The deciding factor for Marvel to make their own cabinets rather than outsource them was the ability to have more control over the quality and lead time of the product. “When you outsource as a business, you’re relying on someone else to produce your product and bring it in quickly,” says Mr. Jesse Boyetchko, Marvel’s Founder.During the sourcing stage, choosing the right equipment was a top priority for Marvel. Essential factors like equipment availability and how soon the equipment could be built, supplied, delivered, and installed were most important to Marvel. The equipment cost and backup service support were also important factors in the decision-making process. “When you’re paying for a piece of equipment, and it’s a key part of your business, having a machine down for a significant amount of time can adversely affect the operations in a big way. We needed a company like Akhurst that would be responsive to the level of service required to get us up and running quickly,” completes Mr. Gareth McKee, Production Manager.The two cornerstone purchases for their manufacturing facility were an Omnitech Systems Selexx Series CNC Router with automative offloading and a Cantek MX370P Automatic Edgebander with Premilling and Corner Rounding functions.


Producing faster with a CNC solution.Manufacturing is faster with a CNC Router than with more traditional, labour-intensive methods. The CNC maximizes material yield and produces less waste, a huge benefit in a lean facility like Marvel. Today, Marvel has less waste than traditional manufacturing methods, on a smaller footprint. Traditional construction methods don’t always provide the strongest cabinetry. “We blind dado our cabinetry, which is only possible on the CNC. It’s a construction method that’s not readily available with traditional cabinetmaking methods,” adds Mr. McKee.CNC equipment is often safer to use than traditional methods, where the operator doesn’t have to be a journeyman cabinetmaker; it helps but isn’t necessary because the programming has already been completed. This has allowed Marvel to create mentorship and training opportunities positions, allowing the apprentice to speed up their industry knowledge. For example, the parts and pieces are pushed from the machine, and assembly can begin immediately.The perfect edge with the right edgebander.Selecting an edgebander with premilling and corner rounding allowed Marvel to provide a better edge banded finish on the parts and pieces. It also allows them to produce finished doors with finished edge banding. Some smaller edgebanders will place a smaller edge on the door, requiring additional hand sanding. And producing a thicker edge band on refinished doors removes a level of labour from the process and is more time-efficient.


Marvel easily increased their production capacity by 70%, resulting in a much quicker response for their customers and shorter lead times, now being around three weeks. Were there any benefits achieved that were not expected? Yes. Marvel having the CNC in-house allows them to be quickly creative, adding to their collection of custom doors and offering quality products that traditional methods won’t allow for. “Our designers have the advantage of being more flexible and creative with their clients, getting real-time results with a machine on-site ready to produce samples in a timely fashion,” adds Mr. McKee.


Akhurst knows how important it is that your equipment remains operating at a high level, producing quality products. Whether doing an equipment start-up, training your staff, performing repairs, or providing preventative maintenance, Akhurst technicians will have your machine up and running as quickly as possible. “Akhurst is local, which gives us the ability to go and see the equipment in use, and during our tour, we benefited from having someone explain the equipment in detail and show us all the options available. Akhurst has an excellent record for responding quickly to our service and support needs. They have been able to respond quickly to our parts needs as well. When many other companies obtain parts from overseas, Akhurst has a well-organized system for obtaining parts when needed,” says Mr. McKee.


Marvel equipment allows them to offer European trends to their customers that haven’t made it to the North American marketplace yet, so they are conscious of the importance of setting the trend. The CNC has afforded them the flexibility and the creativity to create their own trends and bring European trends to the North American Market. “As we grow and take on more builder cabinetry business, we are set to expand into a potentially larger facility and add more equipment to satisfy ever-increasing demand. We want to expand beyond custom cabinetry into other creative and viral online pursuits, maximizing the creativity that the CNC machine affords. Marvel’s goal is to use the technology to diversify our product offering to satisfy ever-changing market conditions, smaller homes, furniture, optimized storage, to name a few,” completes Mr. Boyetchko.Learn everything you need about Marvel at don’t forget to follow Marvel on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.Working together with our customers to solve today’s manufacturing challenges is why we are here.Building Trust. Creating together.